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Jerome Romkey
President, GN Thermoforming Equipment Co.
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Bence Körmendi
Petchem Business Unit Director, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company Plc.
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Anna Rottstegge
Head of Research & Development, Reifenhäuser Reiloy
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Michael Davies
Technical and Marketing Manager, Dover Chemical Corporation
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Walmir Soller
CEO Braskem Netherlands BV & Vice President Olefins/Polyolefins Europe and Asia
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Mardianto Adiguno
Aegis Packaging Pte Ltd
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Ivy Ross
Vice President of Design for Hardware, Google
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Sean Carney
Chief Design Officer, Philips
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K 2022: Heat-resistant C-PET light cup promotes circular economy – a transparent alternative for hot-fill applications
Together with Sukano AG and Kiefel Packaging B.V., the company SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH has developed a cup made of C-PET light that is heat-resistant and combines transparency and recyclability.
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EREMA Group focuses research and development on circular economy for PET fibres
With its new business unit "Fibres and Textiles", the EREMA Group is intensifying the development of recycling solutions focusing on PET fibre materials that are produced in fibre production and in further processing steps. In a dedicated fiber pilot plant, a cross-company team is working on recycling solutions for fiber-to-fiber applications.
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Borealis and REHAU accelerate circularity for furniture products with Bornewables™ premium circular polyolefins
REHAU chooses Borealis' Bornewables™ over conventional polypropylene (PP) for production of their RAUKANTEX evo sustainable edgebands. The robust and durable Bornewables™ feature color-stable chemistry and flexibility and are suitable for processing straight and contoured edges.
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Sustainable face masks: recyclable and climate-friendly
With the development of the first 100 percent recyclable FFP2 mask, the Austrian Grabher Group is taking an important step towards sustainability. The sustainable FFP2 masks made of polypropylene are not only fully recyclable, but also cause significantly fewer CO2 emissions during their manufacture than conventional protective masks.
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Covestro collaboration with SABIC unlocks improved recyclability for mono-material flexible plastic pouches
The company Covestro AG has developed a new heat-resistant coating for use on mono-material stand-up pouches made with SABIC's PE/BOPE technology. The coating facilitates high-speed industrial production of stand-up pouches made with SABIC® BOPE biaxially oriented polyethylene. The new solution enables simpler, single-stream recycling.
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First Boeing 777 with AeroSHARK takes off on passenger flights
The first Boeing operated by Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) took off on a passenger flight equipped with the new Surface technology developed jointly by Lufthansa Technik and BASF. Modified aircraft now begins validation of savings potential in daily flight operations. The fuel and emissions savings of around one percent calculated.
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Wallbox control panel is manufactured using the IMD process
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is focusing on sustainable development in the field of machinery and equipment. The new innovation in the form of an all-electric injection molding machine called IntElect2 220/660-1100 with low scrap rates and thanks to platen parallelism is an example of the plan. It is used to produce a wallbox using the IMD process.
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Truck component carrier made from LANXESS polyamide receives GKV/TecPart Innovation Award
A truck component carrier made from a LANXESS polyamide 6 compound has won the 2022 GKV/TecPart Innovation Award presented by Verband Technische Kunststoffprodukte e.V. The structural component was developed jointly by BBP Kunststoffwerk Marbach Baier, LANXESS and a major German commercial vehicle manufacturer.
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EREMA: "PredictOn:Drive", a new tool for predictive maintenance
Real-time visualisation of process and machine data holds great potential for the circular economy as a whole and for recycling processes in particular. At K 2022 EREMA launched "PredictOn:Drive", a predictive maintenance application for its recycling machines.
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Collaboration between Borealis, Neste and MAM brings new soother to market made with renewably-sourced feedstock
The MAM company is accelerating circular economy measures in partnership with Borealis through the launch of MAM Original Pure pacifiers and packaging enabled by Borealis Bornewables™ portfolio of recyclable polyolefins. Upstream value chain partner Neste is the supplier of renewable feedstock Neste RE™ based on waste and residue streams for the manufacture of Bornewables polypropylene.
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Innovative technology makes flexible packaging recyclable
A new technology from Covestro weakens the bond strength of PU adhesives. Laminated films in multilayer packaging can be separated after use and the individual materials can be recycled later. At the K 2022 trade fair, the team will be presenting the technology to the plastics industry for the first time.
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BASF and ARCUS sign agreement on the production and procurement of pyrolysis oil from mixed plastic waste
ARCUS plans to start up first commercial pyrolysis plant for mixed plastic waste in Germany and will supply the company BASF SE with pyrolysis oil. This will enable further expansion of BASF's ChemCyclingTM business. The Agreement foresees take-up of up to 100,000 tons of pyrolysis oil per year.
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Covestro invests in the production of more sustainable polycarbonates in Asia Pacific
Covestro plans to set up its first dedicated mechanical recycling (MCR) plant for polycarbonates at its integrated site in Shanghai. The company also plans to convert an existing compounding facility in Thailand into a mechanical recycling plant.
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LANXESS: Entire value chain to become climate-neutral
The chemicals company LANXESS aims to make its upstream and downstream supply chains climate-neutral by 2050. In order to achieve the so-called Scope 3 targets, LANXESS has launched the Net Zero Value Chain Program. The focus is on sustainable raw materials, green logistics and climate-neutral products.
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