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Michael Davies
Technical and Marketing Manager, Dover Chemical Corporation
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Walmir Soller
CEO Braskem Netherlands BV & Vice President Olefins/Polyolefins Europe and Asia
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Mardianto Adiguno
Aegis Packaging Pte Ltd
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Sean Carney
Chief Design Officer, Philips
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Ivy Ross
Vice President of Design for Hardware, Google
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Alexis Olans Haass
Director Sustainability, adidas PURPOSE
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Alastair Curtis
Chief Design Officer, Logitech
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Covestro receives the German Design Award for its CMF Aesthetics Toolkit
As announced by the German Design Council, Covestro's CMF Aesthetics Toolkit will receive the German Design Award 2022 in the category "Excellent Product Design – Material and Surfaces." The toolkit is designed to inspire designers to explore the many aesthetic and functional possibilities of polycarbonate in the field of color, material and finish (CMF).
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The BPF Launches Online Recycling Resource with PlasticsEurope & RECOUP
The British Plastics Federation (BPF), in conjunction with PlasticsEurope and RECOUP, has launched a new online recycling resource kit aimed at educating students about recycling plastics and the science of polymers.
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ERDE Recycling fullfills voluntary commitment and collects over 50% of agricultural films
Once more, the IK initiative ERDE (Crop Plastics Recycling Germany) was able to significantly increase its collection volumes in 2020. At 543 fixed collection points and 1936 mobile collections, a total of 26,910 tons of agricultural films were collected and recycled.
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RECOUP win innovate UK funding for plastics recycling communications research
Charity, and leading plastics recycling organisation, RECOUP, have secured a grant from Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency, to co-fund an industry-led communications and behaviour change research project in Kent.
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Woodly Ltd. has raised EUR 3 million in growth funding
Woodly Ltd., Finnish developer of wood based plastic, has raised EUR 3 million in growth funding for the commercialisation and internationalisation of their product innovation.
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Trinseo announces price increase in Europe
Trinseo announces price increase for Polystyrene, Polycarbonate and Copolymers in Europe.
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Milliken & Company announces acquisition of Zebra-chem
Milliken & Company, a global diversified manufacturer with more than a century and a half of materials science expertise, has formally acquired Zebra-chem GmbH, a global chemicals company known for its peroxide and blowing agent masterbatches.
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