Rubber recycling: AZuR network advocates a second life for scrap tires

Interview with Christina Guth, AZuR Network Coordinator

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Image: old tires; Copyright: wolfhound9111

Copyright: wolfhound9111


Image: Christina Guth; Copyright: AZuR Netzwerk

For network coordinator Christina Guth, AZuR's most important mission is to ensure 100 percent reuse of scrap tires: by retreading, recycling or chemical recovery - and to do so where the scrap tires are produced. Copyright: AZuR Network

Image: blue running track in the Berlin Olympic Stadium; Copyright: AZuR Network

The tartan track in Berlin's Olympic Stadium was supplied by AZuR partner Regupol. The wear layer of the running track is made of spike-resistant EPDM granules interspersed in PE. The base layer consists of factory-prepared sheeting made of PUR-bonded rubber granules. Copyright: AZuR Network

Image: Group photo from the AZuR network meeting; Copyright: AZuR Netzwerk

In April 2022, 15 AZuR partners met in Arnhem to exchange information on current developments and technologies in devulcanization. The workshop at AZuR partner Tyromer was the first face-to-face meeting of this kind after the start of the pandemic. Copyright: AZuR Network

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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