Keeping resources in the circular economy: iCycle gives face masks a second life


They have been our constant companions for more than a year though they technically have a limited lifespan: medical-grade face masks. Surgical masks are single-use devices and should be properly disposed of after use. That's a pity, because it means large amounts of valuable feedstock for new material are thrown away after only a short period of time, thus preventing recycling in the process.
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Soft polymers for human-robot interaction


Most people know robots either from science fiction films or from company production halls. There, they reliably perform their tasks. But: they are heavy and rigid – anyone who gets in the way of their fixed motion sequences is in the way. For this reason, robots need to be developed that have a softer surface and are thus better suited for interaction with humans.
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Soft robots: smart elastomers are making the robots of the future more touchy-feely


Imagine flexible surgical instruments that can twist and turn in all directions like miniature octopus arms, or how about large and powerful robot tentacles that can work closely and safely with human workers on production lines.
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Virtual Taster Sessions: experience plastics and elastomer technology up close


A taste of university life before making a final decision about the next steps after finishing school - this has been possible since Monday at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS). From May 17 to 28, students can also attend events on the "Plastics and Elastomer Technology" degree program in the virtual FHWS Taster Sessions.
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