3D printing plastic yourself: students educate themselves about plastics in workshops


Plastic is a part of our lives that cannot be easily eliminated and is much more than the plastic that floats in oceans. Precisely because plastic is such a versatile material, future generations must also be taught how to use and recycle it responsibly.
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Added value for the environment: monitoring production, reducing rejects


Plastics and their diversity can exert a certain fascination. This was also the case for Nele Zerhusen: she was already captivated by this tpopic during her school days. A few years later, in her Bachelor's thesis, she researched how plastics can be further developed for the benefit of the environment. Her outstanding work was eventually honoured with the award of the German Rubber Society.
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Apprenticeship programs for the plastics industry: ENGEL empowers young female trainees


The plastics industry is still dominated by men. But change is on the way as more and more women enter career paths in mechatronics, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering. Campaigns like Girls‘ Day play a key role in motivating young women to consider jobs in technology. Companies have also changed their approach to getting people of any gender excited about tech-related careers.
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Virtual Taster Sessions: experience plastics and elastomer technology up close


A taste of university life before making a final decision about the next steps after finishing school - this has been possible since Monday at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS). From May 17 to 28, students can also attend events on the "Plastics and Elastomer Technology" degree program in the virtual FHWS Taster Sessions.
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Connecting apprentices with plastics companies


Preparing small and medium-sized plastics manufacturing enterprises for the challenges of digitization in the vocational training and continuing education of employees and apprentices – that was the objective of the project titled "Kunststoff goes Future", abbreviated KungFu. The project ran for three years in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe district, Germany. It was successfully completed in mid-2020.
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