All tidied up: Customizable cleaning solution for light-based 3D printing

Interview with Dr. Bernhard Busetti, Product Manager for 3D Printing Systems, Cubicure GmbH

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Photo: woman picking a 3D printed object from the printer; Copyright: Cubicure

The Cerion® 3D printing system is used to additively manufacture several million high-precision components per year. Copyright: Cubicure


Image: Dr. Bernhard Busetti; Copyright: Cubicure

Dr. Bernhard Busetti. Copyright: Cubicure

Image: a person holding a black 3D printed object; Copyright: Cubicure

The residual resin spun off from the build platforms can be easily returned to the 3D printing process. Copyright: Cubicure

Kyra Molinari (K-MAG editorial team)

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