From the sea into the tunnel: KraussMaffei customer Oldroyd uses 100% sea plastics for its products

Image: Fishing nets on the beach; Copyright: KraussMaffei

Source: KraussMaffei


Image: three men and a woman in front of a KraussMaffei machine; Copyright: Oldroyd

Working together to promote sustainable tunnel construction (from left): John Oldroyd Cheetham (founder of Oldroyd), Linda A Celin (CEO Oldroyd), Rolf Kjønnerud (KraussMaffei Agent SAXE) and Carl Kremer (Product Development/Operator Oldroyd) in front of one of the CX 160-750. Source: Oldroyd

Image: tunnel project "Stockholm Forbifarten"; Copyright: Oldroyd

The construction of the Stockholm Bypass (a series of underground motorway tunnels) is currently the world's largest tunnel project. Thousands of spacers from Oldroyd are also used here. Source: Oldroyd

100% sea plastics

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