Plastics make the mannequins’ world go round!

Stefanie Hütz (exclusively for K-MAG)

Bild: coloured mannequins; Copyright: Uschi Fellner

© Uschi Fellner


Glass fibre has proven its worth

Mannequin standing on grass, blue sky in the background

The ecological footprint also plays an important role in mannequins. Bonaveri Eco Mannequin_SKY lr by Armin Zogbaum, © Bonaveri

Male Mannequin

Deceptively real!! Mannequin fromHans Boodt. © Hans Boodt

With an eye on the complete life cycle

Mannequin with human body and head of a lizard

There are no limits to the imagination. Genesis Display, © Uschi Fellner

Stefanie Hütz, free lancer

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