What recycled plastic can do: Blocks made from biocomposites for the "Classrooms of Hope" in Indonesia

Waste plastics finding a long-term home in novel construction applications

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Copyright: Alfred Minnaar

The firm's first major project involved rebuilding a five-classroom school in the earthquake-ravaged Indonesian village of Lombok. Copyright: Alfred Minnaar


Image: Block Solutions CEO Sanna Silfverberg; Copyright: Block Solutions Oy

Block Solutions CEO Sanna Silfverberg. Copyright: Block Solutions Oy

Image: biocomposite pellets; Copyright: Block Solutions Oy

Block Solutions formulates its biocomposite pellets using waste plastic and wood-fiber byproducts. Copyright: Block Solutions Oy

Rebuilding schools in Indonesia

Image: Eco-Blocks; Copyright: Alfred Minnaar

The injection molded Eco-Blocks are lightweight, durable and easy to install. Copyright: Alfred Minnaar

A novel biocomposite & block design

Image: building the Lombok school; Copyright: Alfred Minnaar

It took just six days to build the Lombok school, instead of the usual three to six months, and cost about half as much. Copyright: Alfred Minnaar

Excellent performance properties

Image: Eco-Block profile; Copyright: Block Solutions Oy

Block Solutions in the coming months plans to set up factories in Indonesia and in several African countries to injection mold these large, Lego-like Eco-Blocks. Copyright: Block Solutions Oy

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