Asphalt with a pinch of rubber

Image: a woman touching asphalt; Copyright: Gian Vaitl

Bitumen in view: Lily Poulikakos leads the test series at Empa and helps to realistically assess the properties of rubber asphalt; Source: Gian Vaitl


Wet or dry?

Stress tests under water, cold and pressure

Image: left-overs of old asphalt; Copyright: Gian Vaitl / Empa

To improve its environmental footprint, old asphalt, which can already be recycled, will be used on a large scale in new pavements in the future. Source: Gian Vaitl / Empa

Three test routes

The truth is on the street

Image: a woman and a microscope; Copyright: Gian Vaitl / Empa

An Empa team led by asphalt specialist Lily Poulikakos examined the final products from micro to large scale. Source: Gian Vaitl / Empa

A benefit for the climate?


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