3D printing plastic yourself: students educate themselves about plastics in workshops

Interview with Max Hilse and Hannah Feige, students at Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Löbau, initiators of the Makerspace Geistesblitz

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Image: A bowl and marbles made from recycled plastic; Copyright: Makerspace Geistesblitz

At the workshops, young people learn how to create new products from old plastic products by means of injection moulding; Photo: Makerspace Geistesblitz


Image: a young man with dark hair and a girl with blonde hair – Max Hilse and Hannah Feige; Copyright: Makerspace Geistesblitz

Hannah Feige and Max Hilse; Photo: Makerspace Geistesblitz

Image: boys using a moulding machine; Copyright: Makerspace Geistesblitz

In the workshops, the students learn how injection moulding machines work and also get to operate them themselves; Photo: Makerspace Geistesblitz

Image: colorful lampshades; Copyright: Makerspace Geistesblitz

In the workshop, new objects such as lampshades are created from old plastic.; Photo: Makerspace Geistesblitz

Kyra Molinari (Editorial team K-MAG)

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