Safely above the clouds – plastics in aviation

How fiber-reinforced plastic makes flying more environmentally friendly

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Image: Airplane above the clouds; Copyright: PantherMedia/ewastudio

Plastics make aircraft lighter and therefore lower in emissions. Copyright: PantherMedia/ewastudio


Fiber-reinforced plastic – a success story

Image: Zeppelin; Copyright: PantherMedia/keko64 (YAYMicro)

Fiber-reinforced plastics were first used in aviation nearly 100 years ago in zeppelins. Copyright: PantherMedia/keko64 (YAYMicro)

Plastic, the all-round talent for aircraft

Image: Aircraft interior; Copyright: svitlanah

Aircraft today are usually made of more than 50 percent plastic. Copyright: svitlanah

A look into the future of aviation

Image: Close-up of an aircraft in a hangar; copyright: svitlanah

Plastics are found not only in the interior of an aircraft, but also in its engines. These must be able to withstand extreme stresses. Copyright: svitlanah

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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